Visuino Latest Beta Release

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What’s new?

  • Added Arduino UNO R4 WiFi support
  • Added Arduino UNO R4 Minima support
  • Added the option to send breaks, and have improved the RS485 support
  • Added initial support for QWIIC/STEMMA interfaces
  • Added proper pin mapping to all Serial and SPI interfaces, for boards that support mapping
  • Added Silicognition RP2040-Shim
  • Added Adafruit Metro RP2040
  • Added Unsigned Array components
  • Added Complex Math components
  • Improved CAN bus support
  • Added CAN bus shields support
  • Added CAN bus filter components
  • Arduino UNO R3 moved to pure text definition
  • Added support for sending Breaks over the Serial ports
  • Improved RS485 Serial support
  • Improved support for the Sending signal of the Serial ports
  • Added option to Disable any processor element
  • Improved Grove support
  • Added WakeUp by pins, and touch support for ESP32, ESP32 S2 and ESP32 S3
  • Added STM32 RTC support
  • Added option to Disable Value Source Elements

32 New Components:

  • Add Complex
  • Add Complex Value
  • Subtract Complex Value
  • Subtract From Complex Value
  • Multiply Complex By Analog Value
  • Multiply Analog By Complex Value
  • Divide Analog Value by Complex
  • Divide Complex by Complex Value
  • Divide Complex Value
  • Conjugate Complex
  • CAN bus Value
  • Binary To CAN bus
  • CAN bus To Binary
  • CAN bus Multi-Source Merger
  • CAN bus Multi Source
  • Repeat CAN bus
  • CAN bus On/Off Switch
  • CAN bus Toggle Switch
  • CAN bus Demux(Multiple Output channel Switch)
  • CAN bus Toggle Demux
  • CAN bus Mux(Multi channel Switch)
  • CAN bus Snapshot
  • CAN bus Array
  • Unsigned Array Delete Items
  • Unsigned Array Insert Items
  • Unsigned Array Replace Items At Index
  • Unsigned Array Snapshot
  • Remember Unsigned Array
  • Step/Iterate Unsigned Array Items
  • Get Unsigned Array Item At Index
  • Unsigned Array Value
  • Unsigned Array Replace

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