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What’s new?

  • Huge user interface improvements over the entire IDE
  • Added option to display the Component Toolbar as Tree View
  • Added advanced search in the Visuino Design view allowing to search for components, properties and elements
  • Improved search in the generated code view
  • Updated to use the latest Arduino-CLI
  • Added initial support for OTA Upload to the Visuino IDE
  • OTA improvements
  • Added search option for all terminal windows
  • Added search option for the CustomCode component
  • Improved Component Toolbar with option to specify the name when adding components from it
  • Improved Element Editors with option to specify the name when adding elements
  • Improved Properties Inspector with added support for property icons
  • Added Audio support, and initial set of components
  • Added ESP I2S, and PDM support
  • Improved support for MAC and IP Address bindings
  • Redesigned Interrupt support
  • Added Base64 encode/decode components
  • Reduced memory usage by the generated code
  • Improved *.vcomp files support
  • Added Interpolate Analog component
  • Step/Iterate Complex Array Items component
  • Get Complex Array Item At Index component
  • Added Binary Insert In Items component
  • Added Step/Iterate Binary Items component
  • Added Get Binary Item At Index component
  • Added Split Binary Bytes component
  • Added Min and Max reached pins to the Counters and Rotary Encoder components
  • Improved Arduino Nano 33 IOT implementation
  • Improved BBC Micro:Bit, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino 101 implementation
  • Improved ESP Now support
  • Added ESP32 Wired Ethernet support
  • Added ESP32 WPA2 Enterprise WiFi support
  • Added M5 Stack Core 2 support
  • Added support for SensOper SC-EN-I6-TO4-E, and SC-SE-I8-AM6-TO2 ESP32 PLC Controllers
  • Added Keyboard and Mouse modules for the STM32 boards
  • Added WT32-ETH01 Ethernet (ESP32) board support
  • Added Split Text To Chars component
  • Added Text TCP/IP IPv4 Address To Unsigned component
  • Added Unsigned TCP/IP IPv4 Address To Text component
  • Added Split Unsigned TCP/IP IPv4 Address To Octets component
  • Added Merge Octets To Unsigned TCP/IP IPv4 Address component
  • Added Merge Octets To Text TCP/IP IPv4 Address component
  • Improved Ethernet Shield implementation
  • Added Triangle, Sine, and Square Complex Generator components
  • Added Shenzhen Yongfukang Technology I2S Mono Audio Amplifier (Speaker) NS4168 support
  • Added Knowles I2S Mono Audio Microphone – SPH0645LM4H support
  • Added Knowles PDM Mono Audio Microphone – SPM1423HM4H support
  • Added M5Stack Ultrasonic Ranger(Ping) Unit component
  • Added 2D Distance component
  • Added Accumulate(Integral) Complex component
  • Added Maxim Integrated I2S Mono Audio Amplifier (Speaker) MAX98357A/MAX98357B support
  • Added Maxim MAX31865 RTD PT100/PT1000 Resistance Thermometer(SPI) support
  • Added Radio Time DCF77 support
  • Added Texas Instruments ADC ADS1113 (I2C), and Texas Instruments ADC ADS1114 (I2C) support
  • Added Maxim MAX31865 RTD PT100/PT1000 Resistance Thermometer
  • Added support for changing Teensy 3.X PWM Resolution and Frequency
  • Added ACS712 Current Meter
  • Added a large number of other components
  • Updated to the latest NeoPixels library
  • Improved NeoPixels support
  • Added NeoPixels and Maxim LED Graphics Mirroring, and Structure settings
  • Improved graphics font support
  • Added Arduino NeuroShield 1728 RBF
  • Improved Texas Instruments ADC ADS1015 Auto Scan (I2C) support
  • Improved MAX31855 Thermocouple Amplifier support
  • Added multitouch support
  • Added more array manipulation components
  • Added Complex Change Only component
  • Improved Raspberry Pi RP2040 support
  • Added Raspberry Pi RP2040 Pico W WiFi support
  • Improved IDE performance
  • Improved IDE stability
  • Added automatic removal for some unavailable platform indexes
  • Improved Digispark support
  • Improved Seeed Studio Wio Terminal and Xiao M0 support
  • Expanded RemoteXY Support
  • Improved Binary To Text converter
  • Improved Text To Char converter
  • Improved Pressure To Altitude component
  • Improved Old Visuino versions updater
  • Improved overall user interface
  • Improved Sub Diagrams support
  • Added Copy and Paste for component elements
  • Added automatic substitution for more elements when replacing components
  • Improved Replace for Structure and Packet components, allowing you to change from Structure to Packet and Make Split while preserving all the channels
  • Improved Packet Unpacket implementation
  • Improved Boards and Libraries management
  • Improved code generation
  • Improved Installer
  • More components and classes moved to *.vcomp implementation, and made open source


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