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What’s new?

  • Improved IDE performance
  • Added option to Import and Export Sub Diagrams.
  • Added option to set icons for Sub Diagrams.
  • Added option to arrange the position of the sub diagram tabs.
  • Improved Sub Diagram support.
  • Added Arduino Nano ESP32 support
  • Added M5Stack CoreS3 support
  • Added Arduino Opta Lite, RS485, and WiFi PLCs
  • Added support for Adafruit QT Py ESP32-C3
  • Added initial JPEG support
  • Improved I2C support
  • Added support for LCJ Serial Port Anemometer
  • Added ILI9342 SPI display support
  • STM32 Updated to use the latest platform libraries
  • Added ESP32 Long Range WiFi and ESPNow support
  • Improved Seeed XIAO ESP32 C3 implementation
  • Added Adafruit Metro ESP32-S2 support
  • Added Generic ESP32-S2 support
  • Added Generic ESP32-S3 support
  • Added M5Stack Atom Base support
  • Added MMC interface MicroSD support
  • Added ESP32Cam support
  • Added support for I2C speed for platforms that support it
  • Added support for Sub Diagrams custom icons
  • Improved EEPROM support
  • Improved replacing of elements – automatically changing the name when applicable
  • Added WriteReceived to the Modbus Holding Registers and Coils
  • Added IgnoreDC to FFT
  • Improved FFT implementation
  • Added support for LTR-553ALS-WA/LTR-556ALS-WA LITE-ON Light and Proximity Sensor(I2C)
  • Improved Modbus support for ESP32
  • Added Analog Array To Text and Complex Array To Text converters
  • Added support for XY-LPWM/VHM-800/HW-753 PWM Signal Generator Module
  • Added support for XY-LPWM3 – 3 channel PWM Signal Generator Module
  • Added Olimex ESP32-POE Ethernet board support
  • Added Bosch BMI270 Accelerometer Gyroscope support
  • Added Elegoo Smart Car V4 ESP32 Camera support
  • Added Adafruit Kee Boar KB2040 support
  • Added Waveshare RP2040-Matrix RGB 5×5 support
  • Added Adafruit GEMMA M0 support
  • Added Awinic AW9523 GPIO Expander and LED Driver support
  • Added Sharp Optical Dust Sensor GP2Y1010AU0F/Ks0196 Keyestudio support
  • Added Sharp Reflective Optical Distance Meter GP2Y0A02YK0F/GP2Y0A21YK0F/GP2Y0A710K0F/GP2YA41SK0F support
  • Added stand alone General Vision Neuro Shield Neurons (SPI) component allowing the shield to be used as a module
  • Added support for displaying video and images on the graphics displays
  • Added Change Image Format component
  • Added Image to JPEG component
  • Added Image Snapshot
  • Improved support for all RP2040 boards
  • Improved support for Arduino Portenta H7 – Added RTC support
  • Improved Seeed XIAO ESP32 C3 support
  • Added Audio Snapshot component


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