Third Party Visuino Components

Third-party Visuino components are custom-made by users of Visuino to extend the functionality of the platform. These components offer additional solutions beyond the built-in features of Visuino, allowing users to implement specific functionalities tailored to their projects. They are typically created to address niche requirements or to enhance existing capabilities, enabling Visuino users to achieve more diverse and specialized outcomes in their projects.

These components can range from simple sensor integrations to complex control algorithms, providing a wide spectrum of options for customizing and optimizing projects within the Visuino ecosystem.

Here is a list of currently available components:

  • RFID TAG READ (SPI) made by Swellington Soares

    Use this component to read ID of the RFID tags
    Download: RFID TAG READ

    Visit his Github



  • STEPPER RAMP EDP made by Jim Ryan

Use this component to control stepper motors
Download: StepperRampEDP

You can support Jim through his Patreon and Youtube



  • Dataq YF-S201 Flow Sensor made by Ron

Use this component to measure liquid flow
Download: FlowMeter



How to Manually Install components:

  1. Download the Component: Obtain the third-party Visuino component either by downloading it from this page or within Visuino
  2. Navigate to Arduino Libraries Folder: Open File Explorer and navigate to the Arduino libraries folder on your computer. In this case, it would be located at C:\Users\User\Documents\Arduino\libraries\
  3. Create Component Folder: Inside the libraries folder, create a new folder named as the zip file name, if it doesn’t already exist. This folder will contain the third-party Visuino components.
  4. Copy Component Files: Copy the files of the third-party Visuino component into the new folder.
  5. Restart Visuino: If the Visuino is currently open, close it and reopen it to ensure that it recognizes the newly added component.
  6. Verify Component Availability: After restarting the Visuino, the third-party Visuino component should now be available for use. You can verify its availability by checking the list of components by searching for it.

By following these steps, you can successfully add third-party Visuino components to your Arduino libraries folder, making them accessible for use in your projects.

To learn more about Visuino component creation watch this videos made by Jim Ryan.