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Visuino has partnered with 4D Systems to support their range of advanced smart displays, and solutions.

We’ve always been part of promoting community driven projects and we are proud to introduce our partnership program where Visuino is assisting in making a difference in how Arduino is being adopted specifically when it comes to training young minds who are excited to embrace the world of electronics and robotics.

ESPcopter is a really cool, ESP8266 based programmable Drone currently on arikovani The drone is expandable, and has GPIO pins for connecting extra sensors and actuators.

The goal of the project is to find the best way to program the ESPcopter drones with Visuino and to unlock the full ESPcopter potential, as a single drone, or even as a swarm of drones.





Aerobotics Global understands that children are fascinated by autonomous machines. They aim to release that natural curiosity for how things work in students by my making robotics the focal point of all our training and education workshops. They consider the use of robotics to be an amalgamation of all important fields (STEM), which prepares students for today’s technology driven era and helps them walk hand in hand with the latest available technologies.

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We are glad to announcement about mutual partnership (MoU) between Mitov Software LLC (USA) and NeoEra Innovision LLP (India).

Mitov Software LLC and NeoEra Innovision LLP will work together on the development and adding new features in Visuino, and future projects.





SubliminalBooster is a software for Displaying subliminal affirmations on the computer screen. Used by performers to motivate them.