Getting Started

Getting Started with Visuino



Also check out this amazing Youtube videos and Patreon videos done by the user IOT Jedi called “Visuino – Beginner Series”

Introductory video about Visuino

Learn about Values, analog generator component, formatted text component, map range component, multiply by value component

Learn about text value component, text multi source component, text multi merger component, nextion display component, clock generator component, pulse generator component, detect edge component, compare value component

Learn about clock multisource component, repeat component, repeat clock component, repeat text component, repeat analog value, repeat digital value component, start component, sequence component, digital value component, text value component, delay component, timer component

Learn about char to textcomponent ,change only component,text snapshot component, Make JSON component, Split JSON component

Learn about Make structure, Split structure, Array component, Char to text component, Text to Unsigned component, Unsigned Multi Source component, And component component, Inverter component, Digital Multi Merger component,Button component

Learn about Analog to Unsigned component, Sequence component, Char to Text component, Text to Unsigned component, Text Value component, Compare Value component, Nextion Display component, Text Multi Source component