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Visuino Contest Rules 2021 

This contest is open to everyone, whether you own a paid version of Visuino or not. Below is a list of categories that we believe cover the broadest ideas that are available to most of the Visuino users. You can enter twice by submitting two different projects, but you may only win once.

Contest Dates and times

  • Submissions Open – Dec 1st  2021
  • Submissions Close – Dec 25th 2021
  • Winners Announced – Jan 3rd 2022


  • Robotics or Process Automation
  • Fun useless stuff
  • Gardening
  • Renewable energy
  • IoT/WiFi/BT
  • Interactive
  • Halloween or other holiday
  • Spy Gadget
  • Screen/LCD/Graphics
  • Audio/Light
  • Railroad or other transportation
  • Other – Please elaborate

We must be able to fully understand your project submission and the idea behind it.

Here is a list of things that are HIGHLY suggested to include with your submission.

  • Give us specifics about any special properties used in the components.
  • Tell us what the project took to build and supply a wiring schematic.
  • Any specific obstacles that you had to work around.
  • Make a video showing us your creation.
  • The more information you supply the better we understand it.


  • Judges may not enter.
  • Maximum of two project submissions, each must be a different category.
  • One prize per entrant. Winning 1st place disqualifies you from 2nd place.


  • First place will receive a registration key for Visuino Pro edition

  • Second place will receive a registration key for Visuino Standard edition

  • First and Second place will receive Visuino build updates for one year.

  • Everyone else gets an Atta Boy in the credits for submitting.


Entry form details - for private project submission

  • Date
  • Entrants name
  • First or Second project entry
  • Category
  • Project name
  • Project description and/or uses
  • Zip file containing required project files
  • Video Link
  • Other Useful Link
  • Special Hardware or Software used

Apply for the Contest!

    The winner will be announced

    on the MeWe group!